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Retail Space

Think you know retail space?

We have many years of experience guiding clients with Shopping Centers and Retail Space selection. Here is our #1 piece of advice: Don’t pick a second class location to save rent – pick the location that produces the most gross sales. Our most successful clients choose prime locations that have higher rents, but then they SAVE money – year round - in far lower advertising costs. And of course these prime locations generate far higher sales. SO: Don’t discount the value of visibility and “top of mind awareness”. You might sell the best product in the world, but if no one knows you’re there, it won’t do anyone any good. And it takes a while for people’s habit to change – without constant visibility, they may forget about you. After all, they have a lot of other things on their mind. And perhaps potential customers won’t need your services for a few years, but since they have been going by your store or office for so many years, when they DO need what you have, they will THINK of you!

PS – Yes, higher rents make our commissions go higher too – but that is not why we recommend prime locations. We want your REPEAT business, and for that, we need you to be successful!

How do we help clients?

We can run drive times to see how far your location will pull.

We can run demographics to determine the population density and income levels of various sites.

We can run traffic counts to see which location is busiest.

We find all available spaces to give you the most choices.

We negotiate terms which may become very important depending on future circumstances.


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