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Office Space

Think you know office space?

In all my years of site selection I have NEVER seen a client make the final decision because of the cheapest rental rate. There are always more important factors effecting the decision, including:

Keeping employees happy: The cost of hiring, training and retaining quality employees – and their productivity - makes monthly rent a minor issue in comparison. Competing facilities should be compared against: What is the layout of the space, does it offer the right amount of privacy and collaboration for employees? Does it have windows, views, and good natural lighting – will it help you attract high-value employees? What about indoor air quality and comfort from adequate cooling and heating? Is it convenient and is there plenty of parking and easy access? Does it have the image that will make your employees proud to work there?
Are there amenities close by like restaurants and child care, which will make working for your company easy?

Keeping customers happy: Are you easy to find, and park when they arrive? Does the building have signage which will give you some top-of-mind awareness and remind customers/clients you exist? Does the building match the image you wish to portray? Is it safe?

Keeping the boss happy: Does the building have the image the company desires, and the visibility that will remind customers of your company? Sometimes you just throw out all the factors above and location where it is convenient to the boss!

Terms: Which Landlord is giving you Lease Terms that fit your company’s needs to expansion, contraction, mergers or flexibility?

Bricks and Mortar: How efficient is the building’s energy use, and is it built well enough to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes?

How do we help clients?

We can map your employees to see where they live relative to various locations.

We can run drive times to see how long the commute will be.

We can run demographics to determine the income levels of the community.

We find all available spaces to give you the most choices.

We negotiate terms which may become very important depending on future circumstances.


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