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Industrial Space

Think you know industrial space?

As you begin your search and start winnowing out the probable from the possible, we find that companies looking for Industrial Space need to think UTILITY and WORKFLOW.

We’re all for saving rent - and older factories and warehouse buildings likely rent for less - but let’s not let the savings in rent cost more in terms of productivity.

Things to consider:

• How well is the building built? Modern industrial facilities and warehouses are built to stronger standards than older facilities. This becomes most important when a strong storm goes thru – isn’t it nice not to suffer a business interruption. Metal buildings Vs Tilt Wall construction – you decide!

• What is the power capacity of the facilities from which you are considering? What are your power requirements? Obviously with Industrial Space and all the machinery, this is a major issue. Check carefully, and have the Landlord contribute to any upgrades.

• How much parking do you need for employees and customers? With Warehouse Space users – especially wholesalers – you may have a constant stream of customers and need plenty of easy parking.

• How important is it that your facility be close to major transportation arteries? • How high of a ceiling is useful to you? With laser-flat floors, warehouse/distribution companies find greater heights very useful.

• How many dock-high and drive-in bays would be optimum? And are the access areas and parking large enough to allow modern (longer) 18 wheelers? Especially with sometimes-steep topography, ease of access can be a challenge.

• Do your warehouse needs include outside storage, and does it need to be fenced in? Many municipalities prohibit outside storage, and finding the right zoning can be a problem.

• Is there a minimum column spacing that will cause workflow problems? Most companies hate it when the fork lift starts running into things!

• How much office space do you need? A Warehouse Distributor may need what functions as a showroom and retail area.

• Does the space need to be heated or cooled? If so, how well are things insulated? I hate it when potential bottom-line profits go to the power company instead of my pocket!

• Does image or visibility benefit your business? (Maybe not to your customers, but what about hiring and retaining employees?)

• And speaking of employee issues, is the location of your warehouse space safe? • Do you have room for expansion in vacant space next door or close by?

• Who ARE the adjacent businesses? Are they warehouse space users or high-parking flex space or noisy and dirty manufacturing? Are the adjacent businesses synergistic or potentially troublesome? Do they eat up all your parking or make a lot of noise? Don’t visit only on the weekends, and then become surprised after the lease is signed and you show up for work on Monday.

• Are you bringing new jobs to an area? Many industrial / manufacturing facilities do, and if so, have you accessed all the various incentives available to you from city, county and state governments? We have been involved in lots of industrial facilities and would love to help! Give us a call so we can be a part of your team from the very beginning, to make sure we are looking at all the possibilities, and help you pick the right space, and get the right terms. No one who is not in this business full time can maintain the sources and network necessary to perform the in-depth market research of available properties (many of which are not “on” the market and don’t have signs), and keep up with the incentives and terms available to Tenants.


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