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  Commercial Office Space in Asheville, North Carolina
  Commercial Retail Space in Asheville, North Carolina
  Commercial Industrial Warehouse space Asheville, North Carolina
  Commercial Real Estate Asheville, NC
  Commercial Office Space in Greenville, South Carolina

Commercial Retail Space in Greenville, South Carolina

Commercial Industrial Warehouse Space in Greenville, South Carolina

Commercial Real Estate Greenville, South Carolina

Industrial and Warehouse Commercial Real Estate

The Greenville/Spartanburg area is blessed with an abundance of infrastructure and industrial space including modern, high-ceiling warehouse space, high-technology manufacturing facilities and easily accessible distribution space. Business considering relocation to this market will not be disappointed.

While many individual industrial buildings, (including warehouse distribution and manufacturing facilities) are spread throughout the Greenville & Spartanburg markets, large industrial parks with plenty of capacity – both industrial land and existing industrial buildings - include The Matrix Business and Technology Park, Donaldson Center Industrial Air Park and the ultramodern Southchase Industrial Park. Because of the Greenville and Spartanburg area’s excellent transportation infrastructure, each of these parks is moments away from fast and efficient interstates, and minutes away from downtown Greenville or Spartanburg.

And don’t forget the VERY special: Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR). This is a state-of-the-art 250-acre site along Interstate 85 just east of Greenville. CU-ICAR has earned the reputation of being a premier automotive and motor sports research and educational facility - as good as any worldwide. Accordingly, this research campus has attracted investment partners from both the public and private sectors, including: BMW, SAE International, The Timken Company, Michelin, Sun Microsystems, IBM, INTEC U.S., Inc., Dale Earnhardt, Inc., Richard Petty Driving Experience, Proterra and Microsoft.

As you begin your search and start winnowing out the probable from the possible, we find that companies looking for Manufacturing, Distribution or Warehouse Space need to think UTILITY and WORKFLOW. We’re all for saving rent - and older industrial buildings likely rent for less - but let’s not let the savings in rent be lost in terms of productivity. Things to consider:

How well is the building built? In both Greenville & Spartanburg County, modern Manufacturing Facilities and Distribution/Warehouses are built to stronger standards than older industrial facilities. Typically more expensive, yes, when a strong storm goes thru – isn’t it nice not to suffer a business interruption?

How much parking do you need for employees and customers? Obviously manufacturing space and distribution/warehouse space have much different parking requirements.
How important is it that your warehouse be close to major transportation arteries? In Greenville County, this is easy as Interstate 185 and I-385 are very reliable and run to within moments of the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.
What are your power requirements? Obviously with Industrial Space and all the machinery requirements, this is a major issue, while some warehouse and distribution spaces may need very minimal electricity.

Modern warehouse space users find high ceiling heights very useful, while high ceilings in manufacturing and distribution buildings just make them harder to heat and cool.
How many dock-high and drive-in bays would be optimum? And are the access areas and parking large enough to allow modern (longer) 18 wheelers? While the Greenville & Spartanburg area’s terrain is flat and easy, make sure turning radius’ are designed adequately.

Do your industrial warehouse needs include outside storage, and does it need to be fenced in? Municipalities in Greenville and Spartanburg Counties may prohibit outside storage – we will need to check this out.
How much office space is required? A Warehouse space may need a showroom and retail area, and there are good examples of this in both Greenville and Spartanburg County, while distribution facilities may need much less.
Does your warehouse or distribution space need to be heated or cooled? If so, how well is it insulated?

Does the image or visibility of your industrial space benefit your business? (If not customers, what about hiring and retaining employees?)
And speaking of employee issues, is the location of your distribution or warehouse space safe? This is not a problem in many Greenville/Spartanburg area industrial parks and areas, but adding this as a item on your site selection checklist is always prudent.
Do your manufacturing, warehouse or distribution facilities have room for expansion in vacant space next door or close by?
Who ARE the adjacent businesses? Are they warehouse space users or high-parking flex space users, or noisy and dirty manufacturing? Don’t visit on a quiet weekend, and then become surprised when you show up for work on a weekday.
Are you bringing new jobs to an area? Many industrial and manufacturing facilities do, and if so, have you accessed all the various incentives available to you from city, Greenville County or Spartanburg County, and South Carolina governments?

We have done lots of industrial facility site selection including manufacturing and warehouse space and distribution facilities. We also have one of the nation’s best incentive negotiators as a partner – which could mean millions of dollars to you depending on the jobs you are bringing to an area (or keeping in the area). In both the Greenville County and the Spartanburg markets, there is quite a reasonable selection – depending on size and required characteristics - give us a call to make sure you are aware of the full range of available industrial property, and get the best terms.


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